Dragon Lily Nude Gallery

dragon lily

Todays featured girl is Dragon Lily, the sexy Filipina from Hawaii. Dragon Lily has pretty much been busy in the Fetish scene but has just recently started to do a few hardcore scenes. Shes only doing condom as of now, and no freaky shit (anal, orgies, etc) Dragon Lily is without a doubt, one of the most naturally beautiful Asian starlets in the biz today. Check out her First Hardcore scene at All Asian Pornstars.


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Miko Sinz done with Porn?

miko sinz

No not exactly, but she is done doing boy/girl scenes.  From now on it will only be girl/girl, solo shoots. Damn were going to miss seeing Miko in hardcore scenes.  I guess solo and lesbian scenes will have to do.  You can find hardcore videos of Miko Sinz HERE


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Ty Enali Nude

ty enali

Watch more of the best Asian Pornstars at All Asian Pornstars, your # 1 source for new Asian Starlets.


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Nadi Phuket and Mia Smiles Threesome

nadi phuket and mia smiles

Todays update features the newest scene from Mr Chews. It stars the extremely popular newcomer Thai newcomer Nadi Phuket, and the experienced Mia Smiles.  Mia has actually been out of porn for a while, I guess shes made a comeback.  People cant get enough of Nadi, and for good reason, 4″11, 96lbs of thai hotness! 


Porn Site Photography

thai bargirl

Interested in Southeast Asian Porn? Check out the site listed above for the best Asian Porn!


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No Kitty at AEE


One girl that wont be at AEE is Kitty.  Watch more Lil Miss Kitty porn videos at All Asian Pornstars.


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Tia Tanaka at AEE

tia tanaka oriental orgy

Todays featured model is Tia Tanaka. Shes one of the hottest newcomers in a while. You can catch Tia Tanaka’s videos in high definition at All Asian Pornstars.


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Kiwi Ling and Kea Kulani

kiwi and kea

Todays featured girls are Kiwi Ling and Kea Kulani.  Kiwi (left), definitely got hotter since the last time I seen her.  Kea Kulani is relatively new to the asian porn scene.  Ive only seen her in a handful of scenes, she is definitely hot though!  Check them out giving a double blowjob below!


Thai Creampie

creampie thais

You know I just realized I have A LOT of asian porn on my computer..too much.  I know some of you are probably thinking to yourselves “motherfucker you can never have enough asian porn.”  I have just over 100 gigs of slant eyed goodness on my hard drive.  How much of it do I actually watch? Barely none.  Whos to blame?  High speed internet! How? ill tell you. Back in the olden days, I used to download porn with a 28k modem (im sure you all remember those days).  Back then it took me an hour to download a 2 minute asian porno.  When that video clip was finished downloading I watched that motherfucker over and over and over again. Why? Because of all the time I had invested in it.  The two minute scenes that took me an hour to download now takes me 30 seconds?  Now Instead of watching the entire scene, I simply SKIM the scene. Whatever, ima go download some more Asian Porn now lol


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Sabrine Maui and Peter North

sabrine maui

One more gallery of the legend Peter North creaming the gorgeous Filipina, Sabrine Maui. I dont know how he does it, but I guess thats why he’s so famous.  Peter North, you sir..are my idol. Watch Peter North cream just about every living asian pornstar at his personal website


Peter North Creaming Luci Thai

luci thai

Todays post is dedicated to Peter North, the man, the legend. The first porno I ever watched was with Peter North. He’s my favorite male pornstar (despite the fact that he started off his career in gay porn). The guy has creamed some of the hottest asian pornstars in the business. Check out the gallery below of the legend creaming Cambodian / Thai babe Luci Thai.


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Creampie Thais Kitty

kitty creampie thais

I remember seeing kitty’s video for the first time a while ago at creampiethais.  It was awesome because the dude who was boning her (tony porno) came in like a minute (which is 57 seconds longer than id last with her).  But seriously though, look at that.  Id have to douse my dick with novacane if I planned on lasting longer than a minute with that fine piece of thai woman.  Check her out exclusively at Creampie Thais


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Free Nikki Ballhoneys Gallery

nikki ball honeys

French. Now hot asian ass is hot asian ass, but when they speak its just too weird.  Its not so much weird as it is cool.  I remember hearing a Asian girl speak French before and it was the coolest thing ever.  Im thinking to myself, “not only can you suck me dry in like 10 seconds, but you can also whisper sweet french nothings into my ear afterwards…success!”  Asian chicks from France= Awesome.


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88 Square Porn

88 square

Its almost that time of year, the time when we open our wallets and curse ourselves silly for spending so damn much on Christmas gifts.  But dont let that ruin the Holiday Cheer; here at Asian Dreamland, everyday is Christmas (or kwanzaa, or hanukkah.. whatever.) And my gift to all of you is hot Asian Ass, 365 days a year.  Who the fuck needs Santa Clause when you have smut peddlers like me distributing the real goods!  Enjoy he hot gallery from 88 Square


Asian Suck Dolls Model Aom

Asian Suck Dolls

Question:  Asian girls with big titties and world peace, what do they have in common?  Theyre two things we DEFINITELY need more of in this world.  If you think about it, one could influence the other.  I think an army of asian girls with big titties could end all the war and hate in the world.  One day, one day. Enjoy busty Thai babe Aom from Asian Suck Dolls


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