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Thainee Luggage Porn

May 6th, 2009 No comments


We’ve all seen petite Asians…after all thats why we love them: Petite, Demure, Submissive little creatures. Well you haven’t seen a girl as petite as Thainee. This Asian girl is SO tiny ( ahem petite for you politically correct folks ) that you can literally stuff her in a piece of luggage…and thats exactly what happens in this scene from!

This Thai sex scene starts with Thainee being taken out of a piece of luggage. She then proceeds to get fucked, creamed, then stuffed back in the luggage. You’ve never seen anything so crazy! Check out for the full scene..


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Thainee Rides Cock

February 28th, 2009 No comments

Asian Porn

For all you Thainee fans, she just announced some big news on her site. She will finally be releasing her first girl / girl photo set! Who’s the second girl? None other than Lulu from Lulu Sex Bomb. That’s going to be a killer combination! Be on the lookout for a gallery as soon as its released. For now check out the free gallery above from!


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Thainee Anal Porn

December 11th, 2008 No comments

Thai Porno

Well look who finally decided to do anal! Thainee, the self proclaimed smallest Asian pornstar in the world has finally decided to do anal. Much like Francinee Dee has finally put out a hardcore scene, Thainee has finally put out the anal scene her fans have been waiting for. Check out the full scene at!


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Thainee Free Porn Pics

January 11th, 2008 No comments

thainee sex

Sexy Thai teen Thainee plays with her tiny pussy in this free picture gallery. Its hard to get a grasp for how small Thainee’s ass really is. To see a great example of how small her ass is, check out the previous Thainee post a month or so ago. To see this 72lb babe in softcore and hardcore action, check out Thainee.


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So How Tiny Is Thainee’s Ass?

October 2nd, 2007 No comments

thainee ass

This picture should give you a good idea! Isnt that just ridiculous? It would take three 100 dollar bills to cover up one asscheek of an american woman. Bless you Thailand…bless you. Thainee has been tremendously popular since her arrival, making Joon Mali and Lily Koh look bleak in comparison. Those chicks are still hot dont get me wrong, but theres something about a 72lb Thai spinner that gets peoples attention. Enjoy the gallery of Thainee!


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Thainee Flashing Ass

August 15th, 2007 No comments

thainee naked

Theres a brand new Asian Solo site in town and it comes to us from the same guys that brought us Tailynn and Tussinee. This girls name is Thainee ( pronounce Ti-ny because she only weighs 72lbs.) This thai babe is definitely hot. Her site features softcore and Hardcore picture and movie sets so that covers all bases. I wish I could land a girl thats 72lbs, oh the things i would do to that body. Check out Thainee in her free pic gallery below and watch a free preview HERE


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